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Cards are played all over the world. Grandmothers and grandfathers, children, moms, dads… Cards are a family game par excellence and there are many varieties adapted to many countries of the world.

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Games like Solitaire, Rummy, Spider and many more are known by millions of people, who love to spend their best moments behind an entertaining game.

But it’s not just a matter of fun; for many people, playing cards is a full-time profession.

However, for other people, it is important to know the games well in order to bet on casinos, which can be online or face-to-face. In any case, to play cards in any way, it is necessary to learn.

For that reason, Card Games List is your new best option to know the rules and everything related to each of the card games that exist.

In Card Games List, you will be able to know the modalities of card games, as well as their different rules. If you want to learn to play, understand the instructions and follow the best rules, this is your place. Dare to know the best games!

Card Games Rules

One of our main purposes in Card Games List is that you can know the rule of each of the card games with all its specifications.

In addition, each card game has different variations that have different rules from each other. Do you dare to know how each one is played?

Card games for 1

Sometimes, we are alone and we want fun. For many, cards are a great alternative to overcome loneliness, increase concentration, practice new skills or simply relax.

Rules are also important in single player games. In the card games for one, you have to have more concentration in the game to be able to take it successfully.

Naturally, the most popular card game for 1 in the world is Solitaire. Who has not played Solitaire at some time in his life, with physical cards or in the application that Windows offers?

The experience with Solitaire seems to be universal access, but not all people know the rules and they can end up confusing themselves. In Card Games List you will be able to know the rules and particularities of the Solitaire, to become an expert!

Card games for 1 player

Card games for 2

Life is about couples. On a lonely night, to hang out at a train station or airport, or even, as a way to get to know each other. The cardgames for 2 are incredible because they use the ability to develop an interesting game by two great minds.

Online, it is very common for a person to participate in a cardgame for 2, playing against the computer which generates answers randomly. But the best thing is always to be able to play against a real person, who through his decisions will give you a difficult game.

In Card Games List we have many explanations about cardgames for 2. One of the most popular is the Gin Rummy. It is possible that at some time, you bought cards for Gin Rummy and developed skills in that game.

But if you don’t know how to play it, here you can learn all its rules so that you and another player can get to enjoy the best way.

Card games for 2 players

Cardgames for 3 or more

And what about the cardgames for three? Ideal for when both parents play with one of their children, or in school groups. The truth is that cardgames for 3 can usually be adapted for 4 or even more people.

In short, these are multiplayer games where large groups can get involved through cards to bet a little money or simply for leisure purposes. What are the best cardgames for 3 or more people?

Surely you know many cardgames for 3 or more people. One of the games that we explain in Card Games List is Spades, which is usually played by four or more people, but which can also be adapted to a group of 3.

In Spades, a 52-card deck will be used and whoever reaches a number of points determined wins. Have you always seen how people play spades but have you never understood their rules? This is the time to learn it!

Card games for 3 players

Best card games online

We know that it is very interesting to have a deck of cards and continually play a game with kind people. However, the internet world has opened new doors on cardgames.

That’s why online cardgames have become very popular and in Card Games List we understand that importance. On this page, you can find rules and instructions on new and interesting online cardgames recomended by! Some of them are:

  1. Seven
  2. Spades
  3. Solitare classic

Pokémon Trading Card Game

It is possible that, since you were a child, you have been a fan of Pokémon. The mythical Japanese series has created an innumerable world of creatures with a lot of power which have entertained children and adults from all over the world for two decades.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is a popular online cardgame that has a large number of cards that also represent the different Pokémon and their abilities. If you are a fan of this world, you will love it.


More than 100 million players. Hearthstone is a collectible card game that already engages a huge number of people who day by day enter the world of their cards.

It is part of the Warcraft universe and is usually played through individual games between two users.

In the game there are nine heroes, who represent different classes of the Warcraft universe and who have different abilities. In addition to the basic cards, players collect cards that may be rare. It is really exciting!

Solitaire Classic

Solitaire is a game that we have all at least tried to play. Maybe at some point you have not had internet connection and you have spent time playing in the application of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection. You have also been able to opt for the classic option to draw your deck of cards and start playing alone.

The great attraction of Solitaire is that you don’t need anyone else; on your own you are just adequate.

Has it ever happened to you that Solitaire’s game has been impossible for you to win? This is possible. The Solitaire Classic seems simple as each of the cards in the deck must be arranged in order and separately.

However, the game’s own dynamic makes it difficult to achieve. In Card Games List you can know each of the rules of the Solitaire Classic to become the best player.

Learn more about Solitare Classic

Solitaire Spider

If you thought the Solitaire has only one presentation or way of playing, you are very wrong. The traditional card game designed for a single player has many variants so you don’t get bored at any time. One of the main ones is the game known as Spider Solitaire.

Like the Solitaire Classic, it is played with the same deck of cards, but its dynamics are influenced by time.

The idea in this game is to group pairs of cards but keep the formation of four columns.

The objective is that you can clean the board of existing cards. Its features have made the Solitaire Spider become an attractive game on multiple online servers, with different levels of difficulty and complexity.

Learn more about Solitare Spider

Gin Rummy

How many times have you heard people who say they know how to play Rummy? Have you seen the game and found it very difficult? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Also known as Gin, this is a game that has its origins in 1909.

It is usually played with even numbers of players- mostly two or four. For many, it is a fast version of the Rummy but that can generate exciting and long-lasting games.

The Gin Rummy has no difficult rules. It is also played with a deck of 52 cards and the objective is to form combinations of three equal cards of the same value, or three consecutive cards, which must be of the same suit.

Different series must be formed with separate cards, and each card has a certain score. Is it not easy?

Learn more about Gin Rummy


Since the 1930s, millions of people play Spades. This is a game for two or more players but the standard figure is usually four players. Like the previous ones, Spades is played with a deck of 52 cards.

When there are four participants, these are grouped in pairs and each player receives 13 cards. The game is measured by points because a team will get the victory when it reaches 100 points.

Everything seems very technical in Spades, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many players appreciate this game because it requires some strategy and planning.

During 13 rounds, the couples will have incredible fun but they should also concentrate and plan wisely their next moves, if they want to win.

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Seven (Card games from New Zealand)

Are you from New Zealand? If you are or grew up in that wonderful archipelago of Oceania, it is very likely that you know how incredible it is to play Seven.

This game, although not as well known worldwide, is increasingly acquiring more fans. Seven, as the name implies, is a game that has a deck of seven different sets.

Within each of these sets, there are seven common cards, 17 special cards and additionally, 4 wild cards.

To start playing in NZ, ten cards will be dealt to each player.

Each player will have their turn and the final objective will be to try to collect cards from the seven sets, and thus, be able to have a much wider sample of the entire deck. Don’t you think it is fun?

Cardgames in PC with friends

There are countless options for you to play with your friends on the PC. Cardgames in PC are amazing options to share. But what are some of the best known?

Magic: The Gathering Arena

You may have seen people sitting on the floor playing with a large Magic board. That wonderful game is also on PC to share it with all your friends, with Magic: The Gathering Arena. This game maintains all the characteristics of the original Magic’s sensory signals but incorporates incredible new animations that will give the game a lot of realism.

Check it out here


Do you want to do a battle of cards without leaving your home? Then Duelyst is an option for you and your friends to demonstrate strategy capabilities, through cards.

His options are huge because the game has a five-by-nine board. Through the play of different cards, new possibilities are added and a player can become more powerful.

In addition, the huge number of cards that exist makes the options countless. Do you dare to duel in Duelyst?

Check it out here


Another game that you can share with your friends on PC is Ascension. This game diverges from the majority because in this the player will build his own deck of cards from identical cards that were initially delivered to them.

Through different resources that players are winning, the cards will be formed and with them, new powers can be exercised.

Cards that are not useful will be discarded, but Ascension allows you to always have the center in the formation of your deck.

Learn more here

Multiplayer games online

No game is as fun when playing it alone as when playing it with your closest friends. Live casino multiplayer games are therefore one of the most popular online casino games.

Here we can both play with our friends and at the same time have a nervous tingling feeling every time we win in the casino.

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