Card game 500


500, also known as Five Hundred, is a tricky game inspired by Bridge. This game is designed for four gamers.

The game takes place in rounds of hands. Individuals win the game if they score 500 points or force their opposing players to score -500 points. Before we start enjoying the game, let’s take a closer look at its stages:

The Game Set-Up

This step is all about organizing your team members, sorting through your cards, and interacting with them firsthand.

Gather three other players and play with them—form two two-person teams. Place yourself opposite your colleague.

Sort the cards. Take out 3 2 from the red suits and 4 3 2 1 from the black suits. Make sure you have at least one joker.

Hand out the cards. Beginning on your left, distribute three cards to every participant. Put a single card in the middle of the desk or table. After that, give out four cards to every player. Put the last card at the central position.

You and your colleague attempt to either come out on top of the number of tricks you made an offer or prevent the other group from victory.

How to play 500

Begin round one. The winner of the pot goes first. Any card can be shown.

Both other participants must do the same, going clockwise. If you have cards in your hand with the same suit as the top card, you should play them first, followed by your preference cards.

The Joker is the fallback of trump’s claim planned in the bidding session and should be dealt with.

The Left Bower seems to be the Jack with the same color as the trump suit.

Choosing a trick’s winner. The trick champion must be ascertained after everyone else has put one card on the table. The most outstanding trump would be the Joker.

The second-highest will be the Right Bower, followed by the Left Bower as the third-highest.

The levels progress from high to 4. Except if a trump suit is decided to play, the most fantastic card in the claim ends up winning the trick.

When more than just one trump is agreed to play, the most outstanding trump is declared the winner. Unless no trumps are decided to play, the trick is won by the most incredible card of the top suit.

Keep playing the rest of your hands. The tricks champion gets the cards and puts them facing down in separate heaps next to them.

This empowers everybody else to record how many tricks every team has achieved—the champion of the one-trick advances to the next level.

Keep on playing and enjoying your cards till the winning team beats a couple of tricks they made an offer, or it is no longer capable of reaching their bid.

How to Win

Proceed to deal with the cards, bid, and play hands till one group accumulates 500 points or less than 500 points.


If a group does not come out on top of the number of tricks it bids for, it goes negative on the offer.

Should a team becomes a victory of all tricks and their winning bid is almost 250 points, the team receives 250 points.

If a “no trump” bid is made, the joker will always be the trump. When driven, the gamer must contact a suit for the rest of the team to follow.

If it is not driven, it can be performed only if the gamer keeping it cannot abide by the lead suit.

The offsuit jack is included in the trump suit, and trump must fall into line when decides to play.

A teammate’s lowest bid is six dollars.


To summarize, enjoying card games might be an excellent way of releasing life’s stressful situations for a few hours. Likewise, they can help to grow and enhance partnerships.

Lastly, you can quickly become addicted to card games because they are an enjoyable experience that almost everyone appreciates.


How many people can participate in the 500 (card game)?

2 to 6 players can participate in 500 (card games)

What type of game is 500 (card game)?

It is a Trick-taking game type.

Are there skills required in 500 (card game)?

Yes. Memory and tactics.