The Asshole card game is a popular drinking game that is somewhat more difficult than the typical card game.

The game is played using a deck of playing cards. A few more names for it are Scum, President, or Capitalism.

When participating in the Asshole card game, the primary purpose for participants is to get rid of all of the cards that are currently in their hands as quickly as possible.

In the subsequent round of the game, the person who gets rid of all of their cards first is promoted to the position of President, while the player who gets rid of their cards last is demoted to the role of Asshole.

There are a lot of rules that need to be remembered, but if you are acquainted with them, playing the game will be much simpler and more enjoyable for you.

Read more to find out about the gameplay and rules of this exciting card game.

Game set up

The player who is president is the one responsible for shuffling and dealing the cards. In a clockwise rotation, each of the cards is given out as equally as is physically feasible.

After the cards have been dealt, the Asshole is required to give the president the best card in their hand, and the president is responsible for giving back any card the Asshole does not choose to keep.

In variations of the game in which there are numerous top positions and two bottom places, the Asshole is often required to present more cards to the president, and this number is limited only by the total number of top positions in the game.

In any case, the players who get cards from the spots at the bottom of the deck are required to return an equal number of “junk” cards, or cards that they do not desire.

They are not required to return the cards that have the lowest value.

How to play

At least five people are needed for the Asshole card game. All of the participants must spread out and sit in a circle around a playing field. Keep in mind that the objective of the game is to discard all of your cards as rapidly as possible.

  1. The asshole’s opening hand is the establishing hand. The players might play the President, Vice Asshole, Vice President, regular people, or the Asshole.
  2. Players are dealt six or seven cards, depending on the number of players.
  3. A player begins the game by placing down a single card, a duo, threefold, or quadruple of the same card. The next player must discard a card of equal or higher value. In addition, they should use the same number of cards as the preceding player.
  4. The card game continues until every card has been used.
  5. A new hand starts when all players have eliminated their cards or when someone plays the 2 card. The player who most recently played a card will initiate the next hand.
  6. Players will get new positions for the next round depending on the order in which they discarded all of their cards.
  7. During subsequent rounds, high-ranking players may instruct lower-ranking players to drink anytime they like.

How to win.

This game was purely invented for friends to have fun and enjoy a few drinks together. The president gets to have the power in the game as he is the winner of the initial round. The president can order “board meetings” in order to get players to drink. He also has the power to introduce new rules into the game if he is on a winning streak. The Asshole, on the other hand, is obliged to pour drinks and give cards to the president at the beginning of each round. Everyone avoids being the Asshole while playing this game.


  1. Any hand played must be greater than or equal to the previous card played, unless it is the opening card of the hand.
  2. If an identical card is played, the turn of the next player in line is skipped.
  3. A single 2 card eliminates the whole stack, and the player who dropped it starts the following hand.
  4. The positions/roles of participants in the Asshole card game are defined by the sequence in which they play all of their cards.

You also need to drink anytime any of the following occurs:

  • When you get through it
  • When you are passed over because someone played a 2,
  • When someone in a higher position than you encourages you to drink, you should.
  • The moment the President announces that there will be a “Board Meeting,” everyone goes silent.


How many people can play the Asshole card game?

The game can be played by a minimum of four people, but it is more fun when the group is larger.

Is there a no-drinking version of the game?

It is possible to have a game without alcohol involvement, but it is more fun that way.