Card games for one player

Card games for one player, also known as single-player card games, are a set of card games which are playable by one person, rather than a group of players. The fact that they are played by single players means that they tend to be somewhat less competitive. However, they also demand more wit that other types of card games.

The level of intelligence needed here often makes some players consider them more about puzzles than cards. When it comes to gameplay, most card games for one focus on sorting cards from a deck.

Different single-player card games have specific rules, which further builds to the challenge as far as trying different games is concerned. Overall, almost every single player card game entails some elaborate form of reverse shuffling of decks.

The nature of single-player card games often makes some configurations unsolvable, which further enhances the appeal of the game to card players. Besides the fun and excitement, the fact that card games for one are found online adds to the enjoyment offered by this game.

Players have more than enough to chew, as far as the availability and variety of these games is concerned.

Common Types of Card Games for One

As mentioned above, there are multiple variants of single-player card games.

Even though there are still new games coming up, which have a real chance of becoming popular, several games have managed to remain popular over the years.

Here are some examples of the most popular card games for one.


This is one of the most popular single-player card games. Also known as solitaire, this game attracts a massive following from all parts of the world.

The main objective of the game is to start the game with an ace, and progressively build four piles.

Players need a deck of 52 cards to play Klondike.

Cards are then dealt to create seven stacks, such that the first stack has a single card, the second one has two, up to the seventh which has seven in an increasing order.

Each card at the top faces up, and the player is expected to move the cards to the correct piles.

Here are some simple rules/tips to help you understand the game further:

  • Cards are built on aces with the same suit in increasing order.
  • Foundation piles start with the placement of the aces above the opt card row.
  • You can place a card on a higher card of a different color.
  • King can be used to fill spaces when created.

Baker’s Dozen

Baker’s Dozen is another popular version of solitaire. Like with Klondike this game is played with a standard deck of cards.

But the main goal of the game is to have the player build four suits in different piles.

These suits are built from the Ace to the King.

The game starts by dealing 13 cards in a row and then add three more rows of 13 to the earlier rows.

After all 52 cards are dealt, the setup is complete. To play, the following terms and conditions apply.

  • Aces form the foundation of the table. Thus, they are placed above the entire setup.
  • You play cards from the same suits in ascending order.
  • Play cards that face up on the foundation.
  • Removing foundation cards is not allowed.
  • Columns that remain empty during the game remain empty.


This solitaire variant is regarded as one of the easiest to play. The goal of the game is to get all cards in a single pile.

The game starts by dealing cards out from right to left and progressing down if there is some space remaining.

Gameplay rules dictate that a player should place any card on the next at its left, or the third card at its left.

Notwithstanding, the suit and rank preferences apply. When the player is finally able to form a pile, the pile is moved with the top card.

With some element of luck and skill, you should be able to stack the cards in the right order.

Depending on the variant you are playing, a player wins when there are five sequential piles or less at the end of the game.

Card games for one are the best ways to spend time alone. Besides the fun quotient, single-player card games also enhance your way of thinking.


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