Card games for two players

Some may think that playing cards is old fashioned, which is true, but it is also one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment to participate in. There are no worries about boredom as there are plenty of card games for two to be enjoyed.

Crazy Eights

This is played with one deck of cards. Each player gets five cards dealt to them, so they are facing down. Then the remainder of the stack of cards gets placed in the middle of the table facing down. This is the stockpile.

  • The person who dealt the cards takes a card from the top of the stockpile and turns it face up. If this turned up card happens to be an eight then it gets placed back in the deck of cards, and the deck gets re-shuffled. Then that player turns up a card again from the top of the stockpile.
  • Now each of the players can look at the five cards that they were each dealt.

What each player has to do is get rid of all these five cards.

  • Now the next player has to place a card from their hand of the same suit on top of the card that was turned up. Or they can place a card of the same value on it. If a player cannot go, then they have to pick up a card from the stockpile and place it in their hand.
  • All of the eights are wild. So if a player wants they can place an eight on the turned-up stockpile. When they do, they must say which suit the card signifies. So the next player has to play that suite.

As soon as a player gets rid of all their cards, they add up the value of the cards that the other player is left with.

  • Any eight cards are worth fifty points, and the face cards are ten each and the rest at their value.

The first player to gather 100 points wins.

James Bond

This is another exciting two-player card game. It is a speed game.

  • Each player gets six piles of cards dealt to them. Each pile consists of four cards. All cards are dealt face down.
  • Then the last four cards get placed in the center of the table. These cards are flipped over so they can be seen.
  • Players can look at one of their four stacks of cards one at a time. They can exchange one of the cards from that pile with one of the cards from the center of the table.
  • They continue to do this until they can collect four of a kind in that pile.
  • The game continues this way with each player taking a turn and working through their four piles of cards. Which means they have to rely on their memory as to know what is in each stack.
  • As soon as one pile has four of a kind, it is turned face up. Then the player continues working with the rest of the piles.

The player who can collect four of a kind in each of their piles is the winner. They declare ’James Bond’ to signify they are the winner.

Gin Rummy

There are different variations of this game.

  • The dealer gives out seven cards to the other player as well as themselves.
  • The deck is placed in the center of the table with the top card face-up beside the deck.
  • The first player can choose to take the face-up card or take one from the deck.
  • They get rid of one of the cards in their hand by placing it on the face-up deck.
  • The game continues back and forth between players until a player has a hand full of matched cards.

This player then has to place their last card on the face-up deck. Then lays the rest of the cards down face up as the winner of that hand.

  • Players then add up the value of the matched cards in each of their hands.

The game continues until one player as accumulated a total of 100 points or whatever is agreed upon before the start of the game.

These are just a couple of many exciting two people card games that can provide many hours of enjoyment.