Fuck the dealer

Fuck the dealer

How to play guide; step by step of F THE DEALER (card game)


In this game, it is important to make sure that the questions you ask are objective. If the player gives the erroneous answer, they are required to take a drink as punishment.

Game set up

In the game known as “Fuck the Dealer,” one of the players will act as the dealer.

After dealing each player one card, they will ask that player to make an educated guess regarding the information on the card.

Now, the dealer has a variety of questions to choose from and no asking of player to guess about the card.

How to play

This game requires guessing the top card’s value. You get 2 guesses regarding the card’s value. Left of dealer guesses top card clockwise.

If they’re wrong, the dealer tells them whether the card is higher or lower. Another chance is given. If they estimate wrong again, they must drink the difference. If you guessed 6 and got 3, you’d take 3 drinks.

The dealer lays out the cards in order and moves on to the next player. When the dealer beats 3 in a row, the deck advances clockwise.


Fuck The Dealer is a dynamic game with customizable rules. It’s like making Monopoly rules. To speed things up, certain rules require the dealer to change after each question and custom rules are allowed.


This game is intensified as it moves on and there is no need of preparation for the game. Just get along with understanding of instructions.


How many people can play F the Dealer game? 


Can a player beat the dealer?

 es.it is possible.

Is there an actual end point time to the game? 

Not actually.

Are the rules constant?

 No, you can create an house/additional rule(s)

In Conclusion

This game is very flexible because it allows players to modify what they agree to add to the game session