oh hell card game

Oh hell (Bust)

Oh Hell is an effortless but entertaining trick-taking play that can be played by three to seven people. It also is called as Oh Pshaw, Bust, and maybe a few other names.

A regular 52-card deck with 2s low as well as Aces high is necessary for Bust. This play is appropriate for players aged 10 and higher. Moreover, Oh Pshaw’s goal is to win exactly the count of tricks that have been bid.

Game set up

To set up an Oh Hell or Bust game, a normal 52-card deck is used to play the game. The initial dealer is randomly selected, and the game proceeds clockwise all around table.

The play can be performed with three to seven players in real life. The participants do not participate in teams; instead, each individual is playing for himself or herself.

The dealer distributes ten cards to every player in the opening session. Every player receives nine cards inside second session, subsequently eight cards inside the third session, and finally a single card inside the tenth session.

The count of cards gradually increases, with two cards inside the eleventh session or round, three cards inside the twelfth session, and finally ten cards inside the nineteenth as well as final session.

There are a number of sessions, but because a few of them only include just a few cards, they do not even take much time.

How to play

Now the topmost card of the surviving deck is showed up after the cards for such hand have already been dealt, as well as the suit of a leading card is the trump suit for such hand. Upon seeing the trump, players must bid, or state how so many tricks they believe they can take in the session.

The goal for a player is to perform the same count of tricks that they stated they would take.

Nevertheless, one additional element that adds to the excitement of the auction is that if it’s the final player’s chance to bid, they can’t submit a bid that’d allow everybody to bid.

After the auction (bidding) is completed, the player towards the dealer’s left begins. He takes the lead with a card, as well as the other participants must fall into line if they are able.

The person who has the top ranking card in the led suit wins the task, or when a player is not in the led suit yet plays an ace card, the player with topmost ace card wins the trick.

Also, it’s fine to lead aces right away; trumps shouldn’t have to be shattered (broken) as they do in Spades and Hearts for instance.

How to win

The match is run for nineteen hands, starting with ten cards per participant, decreasing to one, and then returning to ten. That participant with the highest scores at the end of the nineteenth session wins the play.

It also important to know there’s no abrupt death phase or anything of the like, so two or more parties can win if they eventually wind up with much the equal score.


First, Oh Hell card game is centered on deception.

The play must be played in dextrorotary (clockwise) direction

Players must take turns placing a card face-up just on table throughout games.

The player who presents the biggest card wins and gets all of the cards that have been played, a single trick.

The victor of the trick must begin the next task by playing the very first card.

Finally, the process must proceed till all the cards have been dealt.


Oh Hell (Bust) is a game that is played with a sequence of hands. The quantity of cards dealt in the starting hand is determined by the count of players:

7 participants, each with 7 cards

3-5 participants, each with 10 cards

6 participants, each with 8 cards


All in all, Oh Hell or Bust is among the most open and uncomplicated gameplay to learn.

The instructions are easy to grasp, and the game is much more enjoyable.

If you’re seeking for a fun that both you and your friends can love engaging at any time, Bust is the play for you.


Can someone play Bust online?


How can someone score Oh Hell?

Normally, the scoring criteria is that participants who get their bid, earn one point for every trick including ten bonus scores.