Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem

Texas Hold’em is one of the popular poker games in the world. Players wager on the confidence of the chances of their hands winning a bet. It uses five community cards and two face-down hole cards that all players can use.

However, the strategies and styles of play can get complicated. Here is how to play Texas Hold’em.


You will need a table, poker chips, and deck cards to play Texas Hold’em. The game uses a standard 52-cards deck that can be found almost anywhere.

However, pokers chips are available in a range of colors and varieties to represent different values. A poker table is the last thing a player will need to play Texas Hold’em. Of course, Texas Hold’em can be played on other surfaces, but a poker table with raised edges can be ideal for sliding cards.

All players should take their seat and have the same number of cards. Players should, however, first discuss all rules such as chip values, ante, and blinds before starting the game.

Blinds and Dealing Hole Cards

You can play this game at the best online casinos with either a small or big blind. However, the small blind should be half the bigger one. The player to the left of the dealer is the small blind while the one to the left of the small blind is the big blind.

The game starts with the dealer issuing a card to the player to the left and then clockwise until everyone in the table has two cards in front of them. The betting begins once everyone has the hole card in front of them.

The Betting Process

Once cards are issued, the game starts with the player next to the big blind. There are three options for the first player; he or she can call the bet set by the fold, raise, or big blind.

Then betting will move clockwise and back to the first player. Calling a bet means putting out chips that are equal to the previous bet.

Raising a bet, on the other hand, refers to when a player decides to put in more chips than the previous bet. The raised amount becomes the new stake, which other players must match before the game continues.

Fold refers to when a player turns in their card after giving up their chance of winning a bet. The play can continue once all players have decided to call the acting bet or fold their cards.

Dealing the Flop

The Flop is the next step that comes after a player either calls or folds their cards. It refers to the first three cards that the dealer places face up in the center of the playing surface. Another round of betting begins once the first three face-up cards are placed in the center of the table.


Once the next round of betting completes, the dealer turns the next community card over. Once this happens, it means players are ready for the next round of betting. What follows is placing the last community card face up for the last betting round to take place.

Players who have not folded their cards will then show their hand at the end of the final round, and the one with a combination of the best five cards will win the spot.

Cash Games vs. Tournaments

Poker games are categorized into cash games and tournaments. For cash games, a player can sit in a table and withdraw at any time. Players can come with any amount of money and play until they re-buy or lose. Cash game players are free to leave the game whenever they feel like.

Reasons to Play Cash Games?

Unlike tournaments, cash games are commitment-free and fun. Cash games are ideal for players who like being free and winning at their own pace. Blinds for cash games do not increase, and players can choose the level they are comfortable with based on their bankroll and budget. You are also free to join or leave the bet and cash out any time you wish.


Tournaments are ideal for players interested in winning massive pots for a lower stake. Matches come in the form of buy-ins and can range from Deep Space to Moon tournaments.

Your buy-in depends on your stake, but some competitions allow players to win up to 2,500 chips without a buy-in. Texas Hold’em poker tournaments are categorized into multi-table contests and sit & go tournaments.

Multi-table tournaments mean that the dealer can increase the number of tables as more players join the bet. However, multi-table matches are normally scheduled and can be categorized into freeze-out and re-buy. Re-buy refers to when players are allowed to leave a bet until the re-buy period is over.

Sit & Go Tournaments

A specific number of players is needed for a sit & go tournament to start. Betting starts once that number is reached, and no one can register for a bet once the game begins. The minimum number of players for a sit & go tournament is three numbers.

The dealer will then spin the wheel once all players pay for the buy-in to determine the stake. The minimum stake should be two times the buy-in, but players can raise their stake. Beginners are recommended first to try out free Texas Hold’em bets online before placing any real bet.