Card games are an excellent way to break the ice at parties and provide all-around good times for families and friends that gather together.

The card game UNO is a timeless favourite that the vast majority of people have dabbled in at some point in their lives.

The card game UNO is easy to learn, plenty of fun, and suitable for the whole household.

You can get instructions on how to play UNO right here if you are unsure of the rules or if it has been a while since you last played the game.

Game set up

Every player gets one card dealt to them. The role of dealer is awarded to the player who currently has the most points. Mix up the cards in the deck. Seven cards are handed to each participant in the game.

Create a draw pile by placing the remaining cards face down to use later. You should start a discard pile by looking at the card that is on top of the draw pile.

If the card on top of the deck is a Wild or a Wild Draw 4 card, you should put it back in the deck and choose another card.

How to play

The first player to act is the player on the dealer’s left. To begin play, passes should be made to the left. Find a card that has the same number, colour, or word as the one on top of the DISCARD pile.

For instance, if the card shown is a green 8, you are required to play either a green card or an 8 of any other colour.

You also have the option to play a Wild Draw 4 card or any standard Wild card. In the event that you do not own anything that may be matched, you are required to choose a card from the “draw” pile.

If you draw a card that you can play, you should definitely use it.

If it is not the case, the game continues with the next individual. You are required to call out “UNO” before playing your next-to-last card. If you don’t say “UNO” and another player finds you with only one card before another player starts their turn, you have to draw four additional cards from the draw pile.

If you say “UNO” instead, the other player loses their turn.

How to win

If you are the first player to discard all of your cards, you get points for the remaining cards in the other players’ hands. After each hand, use the supplied scorecard to record your score. The score sheet for UNO cards is as follows:

  1. Draw 2= 20 points.
  2. Reverse= 20 Points
  3. Skip = 20 points
  4. Wild = 50 points
  5. Wild draw 4= 50 Points
  6. Blank card = Unknown.

The winner is the first participant to accumulate 500 points.


The following are unique cards that are used in the game and what they mean while playing UNO.

Draw 2 card

If you play this card, the next player to play loses their turn and is forced to draw two cards instead of taking their turn.

Reverse card

The flow of play is altered as a result of this card. To continue playing to the left, pass the ball to the right, and vice versa. It is only possible to play this card on top of another reverse card or a card of the same colour.

Skip card

After this card is played, the turn of the player who was next in line to play is forfeited, and that player is said to be “skipped.”

The joker

You have the option to continue to play after playing this card by changing the colour of the card being played to any colour, including the colour that is now being played. Even if you already have another card in your hand that can be played, you may still use the wild card.

Wild draw 4 card

This card gives you the ability to predict the next colour that will be played, but it also compels the player who plays after you to select four cards at random from the “draw” pile and forego their turn.


How many people can play UNO?

You may play UNO with anywhere from 2 to 10 people.

How do you win a game of UNO?

Once you have 500 total points in our sore sheet, you are the winner of the game. You may use the wild card and wild draw 4 card to boos your score.