Multiplayer Live Casino Games

You will agree with me that online casino gaming is increasingly becoming popular. According to data from Statista, in 2017, the online gambling industry was worth around $45.8 billion, and by 2024, the estimates are around $94.4 billion.

More gamblers are joining the online platforms because of the convenience of online casinos compared to their brick and mortar counterparts.

But while there is a steady rise in the popularity of online casino games, live dealer games are also attracting a lot of interest. This is mainly from the seasoned gamblers looking for the authentic casino experience.

Live casino vs. online casino; what is the difference?

There is a big misconception when it comes to online casino games and live casino. While the two terms have been used interchangeably, they mean two different things. They are both forms of online gambling, but several aspects set the two apart.

The biggest difference between the two is the number of players competitors involved. Online casino games are single player pitting the gambler against the house. In practical terms, you are playing against the machine, which is on the side of the house.

But when it comes to live dealer games, there are multiplayer options where you play against other gamblers and not the house. The role of the house in live dealer games is officiating the matches and ensuring fairness for a slight commission on the stakes.

Besides the player modes, online casino games and live dealer games differ in several other aspects.

You will find that online casino games are available in all the online casinos. But for live dealer games, you will only find them in select online casinos with live casino dealers. Online casino games are also cheaper to play compared to live casinos.

This is because setting up the infrastructure for offering online casino games is less expensive than setting up the infrastructure for hosting live casino games.

Talking of the infrastructure of live casinos, how do you play live dealer games?

How to play live casino

As mentioned above, not all online casinos have live dealer games. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to scout for the best live casino.

Here, you need to consider aspects like casino reputation, the selection of live dealer games, banking methods, the technology used, and customer support. You don’t have to be concerned much about aspects like promotions and discounts as they are offered rarely with live casinos.

On your side as a player, you will need a powerful device and a fast, stable connection. To understand why you need high-performance specs and unlimited internet, you must be aware of how live casinos work.

How live casinos work

Live dealer games are synonymous with the seasoned gamblers because of the authentic casino experience they offer. Unlike online casino games where the games are based on casino and RNG (Random Number Generator) software, live casino games are real games, being played at a land-based casino. All the events at the casino are streamed to the respective players.

Now, as you may be aware, to stream a live event in real-time requires a high-performance device alongside a fast internet connection. You don’t want to be cut short from the live feed because of slow internet or buffering.

Types of live casino multiplayer games

With the advancement of technology, especially streaming technology, more and more casino games are being added to the live dealer platforms.

Evolution Gaming, PlayTech, Extreme Live Gaming, and Ezugi among other live dealer game providers have remained innovative and together with technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, several casino games are now available as live dealer games. They include;

  • Live roulette – In this variant of the popular roulette, players from different areas in the world join the game and place bets on the various sections of the roulette table. Remember, this is a real roulette table and a croupier in a land casino.
  • Live poker – In live poker also, you play against five other gamblers who you can interact with. The object of the game is to come up with the best card combination or force the rest of the players to fold by bluffing your way through the betting rounds.
  • Live blackjack – Here, the game is the traditional blackjack game, but the table action is streamed in full, and in vivid HD quality.

The above are some of the few live dealer multiplayer games. Remember, there are other live dealer games like live baccarat, and live casino hold ’em but these pit you against the dealers themselves, not other players.

There you have it, folks, a guide to playing live multiplayer games. If you are tired of the boring casino games that lack the thrill of competition, try live casino games. The good thing is that you can play in your favorite casino in Las Vegas while tucked away in one of the remotest places on earth. All you need is a powerful device and stable internet.