Ring of fire

Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire card game has been a popular drinking game for a long time. It’s a lot like King’s Cup and Waterfall, but it also has some things that make it different. If you want to play a fun drinking game with your friends, Ring of Fire is an easy choice.

Gather your friends and, of course, some alcohol, and you’re ready to play. Before we get into how to play the Ring of Fire card game, let’s take a closer look at how the game works.

Game set up

Putting a beer can in the middle of a table is the first step in getting ready to play the game of Ring of Fire. After that, arrange the deck of cards in a circle around the container.

You have the option of using all of the cards or splitting the deck in half and using only half. Just be sure you give the deck a good shake first, and then arrange the cards so that the backs are facing down.

When it is finished, you should provide each participant with a plastic cup and fill it with beer to a level that is at least halfway up the cup. You are now prepared to start the game.

How to play

After you have arranged the playing cards in a circle around the king’s cup and have sat down in the center of the circle, you may begin the game.

Afterwards, each of you will take a turn selecting a card from the circular pile. You are required to act in accordance with the rule that is associated with the card that you choose.

Due to the fact that there are only four kings in the circle, the player who chooses a king after the first three have been selected is required to contribute some of their own drink to the king’s cup.

The poor player who draws the fourth king has effectively lost the game since they now have to consume the unappealing mixed drink cocktail all at once!

It is essential to keep in mind that even after a card has been used, it is not automatically removed from play or the game. Any cards that have been played must be tucked behind the tab on the beer can.

The game is over as soon as the tab pops, and the player who was responsible for placing the last card must now empty the can. After that, you may begin the next round.

How to win.

Should someone manage to shatter the ring of cards, then that person must drink from the cup reserved for the King. If this occurs, the circle will be broken, and you will need to pour another cup of beer in the middle of the table in order to continue playing.

You have no choice but to keep consuming alcohol and continue to play cards until the game is over. Have fun!


  • Ace = Waterfall: the person who chooses the card begins drinking, and one by one, everyone else in the circle begins drinking as well, until the player who began drinking stops drinking, and one by one, the others may also stop.
  • 2: You may choose someone else to drink with
  • 3. The person who chooses this card must drink.
  • 4: The player holding this card may place their thumb down at any moment throughout the game, and the last player to do so must drink.
  • 5: Every man must consume alcohol.
  • Every female must drink.
  • 7: The player holding the 7 card could raise their palm at any given moment throughout the game, and the last player to raise their hand must drink.
  • 8: The player may choose a drinking companion.
  • 9: Say a word, then walk around the circle rhyming with that word; whoever hesitates or cannot come up with a term must drink.
  • 10: Choose a category and pronounce a word inside it as you move around the circle; anybody who hesitates or cannot think of a term must drink.
  • Jack = Rule: Create a rule for the remainder of the game, and anybody who violates it must drink.
  • The Question Master: The player holding this card must ask someone a question; if the person responds, they must drink.
  • Finally, King: Add part of your drink to the king’s cup, and if you hold the last king, you must drink the king’s cup!


You may simply play the traditional drinking game Ring of Fire with your pals, either in the bar or in the comfort of your own home.

The rules are simple to understand, and it’s a lot of fun to see the tab on the beer bottle explode.

Even while there are surely games that are more difficult to learn and master, if you are looking for a game that you and your buddies can easily enjoy together at any kind of social event, you can never go wrong with a game of Ring of Fire.


How many people can play the Ring of Fire card game?

This card game can be played by at least two people, but it is more enjoyable with a group of friends.

What do you need to play the Ring of Fire card game?

To play Ring of Fire, you will need a variety of items. Specifically, a deck of playing cards, liquor, and plastic cups/glasses.